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Информация о компании:

Бренды : EZ RENDA
Количество сотрудников : 80~100
Годовой объем продаж : 10 Million-11 Million
Год основания : 2005
Экспорт ПК : 80% - 90%

Anex Industrial (HK) Limited established in 2005, the company focuses on the new innovative machinery in the construction area, we have been dealing with research and development for the rendering machine for the last 6 years and our company is holding 3 invention patents.
Auto Rendering machine is unique and perhaps one of a kind of automated rendering machine which is ideally suitable for the construction/building industry.  It works with conventional cement mortar which brings it to a smooth, flat finish with variable and adjustable thickness to suit each application.
We are currently seeking for Global partners as agents/dealers.  We always will endeavour to raise the standards and to minimize the cost of the product.  Our aim is to maximize the benefits for our partners for a “Win-Win” situation.

Export department office